Elevate your ultimate Discord experience.

The only Discord app you'll ever need! Exynos featuring mind-blowing commands. Why invite 5 bots when one can do it all?

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A Discord Bot different from the others, in a better way.

You might ask, what makes Exynos different from others, and that too in a positive approach?

Blazing Fast

With less than 50ms latency and fast response speed. Thanks to the powerful VPS provided to us!

Amazing Features

With a lot of useful commands packed in one bot, it makes your experience even better.

Global Support

Have a problem? We got your back. Providing global support to everyone because we care.

Easy to Use

Just invite the bot, setup the permissions and you're all set. A very clean and user-friendly UI makes your experience better.

Our Priority

Users are our priority. We constantly keep on working so that you will get the best experience without any stutter. (Also, buy premium please TwT)


On-board customisations for the features that support, saving your braincells with no Dashboard stuffs.

Always seek the perfection

One Bot, Many Features

With Exynos, you get tons of commands to use in your server and have fun with. Why add many bots for the same things when you get it all in one?

Features 01
Better quality, Better experience

Listen to Music, Lag-free 24/7

Groove to your favourite songs in Discord with your friends with best smooth experience.

  • High Quality Music
  • Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple-Music, Deezer support
  • Customising the player embed
Features 02
Better features, Better experience

Warmly welcome the Members joining

With the Welcomer Module, Customise your Welcomer Text (or Embed) and welcome the newcomers wherever you want.

  • Options of Text and Embed
  • Customisation
Features 03
Better commands, Better fun

Engage members with Fun commands

Exynos features some minigames and tons of anime related commands to help your members have a little bit of fun in their free-time.

  • Amazing Minigames
  • Fun Commands
  • Anime Reactions

Don't take our word for it

See the below Testimonials of the regular Exynos users to know the real worth of the Bot.

Testimonial 01
— Exynos is an incredible music bot for Discord that brings a whole new level of enjoyment. With its extensive song library, exceptional sound quality, and user-friendly interface, exynos provides amazing and seamless music experience. A must have addition to any discord community.
A review from - TopGG
Testimonial 02
— An Amazing bot with great utility, easy to set up, helpful for welcome & boost messages, and excellent quality music. Provides great utility as well.
A review from - TopGG
Testimonial 03
— Best bot for music! Personally loved it thanks for creating this awesome bott ❤️
A review from - TopGG